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Shelley is born and raised in Montreal and is an early childhood educator who loves to travel and loves to dance! Working with children keeps her on her toes, while traveling and dancing feed her soul! Backpacking through India a few years ago increased Shelley's love for Indian music and Bollywood movies. During her time in Rajasthan, she enjoyed learning a more classical style dance form - Bharatanatyam. While exploring other parts of the world, Shelley also picked up salsa dancing and bachata. 

"One night in Montreal, I watched a fun and beautiful performance by Diya at Espaces des Arts. At the end, I pushed through the crowd to find out…where and when can I do that?! As of that moment, I decided Jhoomlay must be a part of my life! I leave every high energy class feeling happy, revitalized and…well…sweaty. Every hour spent dancing to those beats is simply uplifting. I love the smiles and confidence it has given me, as well as to my fellow Jhoomers."

​​Favorite Jhoom routine Shelley SLAYS: "Ganesha makes me burst with energy, while Desi Girl and Badri bring out my cheesy side and make me happy!"


Diya breathes Bollywood and lives dance! An entrepreneur at mind and a dancer at heart, Diya has been pursuing her dream of bringing more meaning to health and wellness through Indian and Bollywood dance. She is professionally trained in Indian classical dance forms with several years of experience in performing and leading various Bollywood dance groups across the globe. Diya is passionate about empowering her Jhoomlay community through transforming their bodies and mind with the discipline, power and joy of dancing - to lead a more conscious and holistic living. Diya's infectious energy and enthusiasm fuels Jhoomlay's heart and gives it the meaning and life it has today and to many Jhoomers across the world.


 Founder & JhoomGuru

Diya was born in India and has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Boston, New York City and now in Montreal. Diya started her classical Indian dance journey in Bharatnatyum and Kathak from the age of three and represented multiple cultural, school and university competitive dance groups. Growing up, Bollywood was Diya's lifeline. She considers Madhuri Dixit her dance God and till date is trying to master her timeless choreographies. Through years of dancing, Diya became passionate about bringing Bollywood dance into a form of a dance-fitness program where one experiences the joy and celebration of Indian culture with its high energy moves that give a complete body workout. Jhoomlay was born from pure passion and soon became a strong community and her full time profession!

​"Jhoomlay means 'swing to the beat' in Hindi and it is literally the vibe as soon as you walk in the studio. It's not just another workout program but a way of experiencing fitness through the power of dance. This incredible community of Jhoomers and JhoomGurus have become a focal point of my life from which I obtain my source of inspiration, happiness, strength and positivity - through my good and not so good days. I always leave the room feeling unstoppable!"

​​Favorite Jhoom routine Diya SLAYS: "It's SO hard to choose but the one that has created endless memories is Gallan Goodiyaan!"


They make magic happen. 

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Lana is from Montreal and has lived in many places across Canada over the past two decades. With a background in various dance forms, Lana has spent several years performing on the stage. She was a solid team member of Sparq Performance Team in Calgary that specialized in Bollywood dance productions. Lana originally tried Jhoomlay as a student and got instantly hooked onto it! The combination of high-energy moves, the uplifting music and the total body workout - accelerated her journey to an awesome JhoomGuru in no time! 

"Jhoomlay represents a powerful creation and exchange of energy based on the balanced mix of dance and fitness that generate pure joy and happiness. It helps me expand the limits of my physical stamina and endurance. I derive a sense of confidence and calmness from the greater ability to stay active and engaged with our Jhoomers - which leads to overall improved physical and mental health."

 Favorite Jhoom routine Lana SLAYS: "Khalibali! BUT each routine is enjoyable in its own way."


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Jenn is a global citizen with French, Singaporean and Malaysian heritage and has grown up across many countries. For over a decade now, Jenn has been proudly calling Montreal her home. ​​Jenn's love for Bollywood dance grew as she watched Hindi movies in Malaysia and Singapore, where they are very popular. To take her passion for dance to the next level, Jenn took Bharatnatyum and Bhangra classes and danced her way to Jhoomlay! The rest is history.

​"Jhoomers are my weekly source of mental therapy. Their smiles are so uplifting that they give me the strength to take on anything! I love seeing our Jhoomers have a blast while breaking a sweat and feeling good about themselves. I also love the amazing community of JhoomGurus. They inspire me to always thrive towards becoming the best version of myself. I’ve grown so much and on so many levels since the JhoomGurus and Jhoomers came into my life... and for that I am forever grateful."

​​Favorite Jhoom routine Jenn SLAYS: "An obvious one is Malhari but there’s also Bad Girl and Balam Pichkari :)"



Sabeena is a PhD student from Houston, Texas at McGill University. She studies Urdu poetry and has a deep love for Bollywood movies and cooking food from all around the world. Sabeena grew up dancing to Bollywood music before she could walk or talk properly. She has been the designated choreographer at all her friends' and family's weddings since she was little. Naturally, the music runs deep in her bones and although she has no formal dance training, she danced in a competitive Bollywood dance team during her university days. 

​"My favorite thing about Jhoomlay is that it exudes pure joy. If I'm feeling stressed or anxious, I know that I can walk into a Jhoomlay class and leave feeling completely renewed. It is a healthy commitment to my body but also to my soul. Nothing makes me happier than dancing and it is a real treat to be able to share that love and light with my Jhoomers on a weekly basis."

​​Favorite Jhoom routine Sabeena SLAYS: "Boli Panieh. I used to be afraid of this routine because it is so intense, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I feel powerful every time I complete it and can't wait to do it with you!"